With big bunches of red roses and teddy bears holding plush love hearts suddenly available everywhere it can only mean one thing – Valentine’s Day is coming. 

Here at Kez’s we’re big fans of any holiday that involves chocolate as a part of the celebration, but in case you’re not on board with Valentine’s day as a good reason to enjoy one of our favourite foods, we’re here to share more good reasons to pick up a choccy treat (like our Gluten Free Choc Raspberry Eclairs).

We’ve all heard a friend laugh about needing more chocolate because it’s good for them, but good quality chocolate being a healthy addition to your diet is not a joke!  Did you know flavanols, which are the main type of flavonoid found in cocoa and chocolate, potentially reduce your risk of heart disease?  Its antioxidant properties are also thought to help protect you from free radicals.

According to a study at Swinburne University in Melbourne, even the feel-good factor after chocolate is proven.  They found the cocoa polyphenols to have a positive effect on the mood of their study participants who reported feeling calmer and happier.  We knew it!

Generally the darker the chocolate the greater the health benefits, so white chocolate, which by many isn’t classified as real chocolate, might not be the best choice.  Compound chocolate (made with vegetable fats and cocoa powder instead of cocoa butter) is very easy to work with and great for chocolate dipped fruit. If you prefer chocolate dipped bikkies, we’ve done the work for you with our Gluten Free Choc Peanut Florentines.

With so many chocolates available on the market almost every dietary requirement can enjoy the sweet benefits of some delicious chocolate, too.  Although chocolate is often associated with milk products, cocoa is vegan, so plenty of vegan chocolatey treats (including our Gluten Free Choc Golden Snaps) are now readily available for you, or your vegan sweetheart.

Happy… Chocolate Day!