School age children snack 5 times a day on average - Here's how to promote healthy choices when hunger strikes.


Healthy snacking is vital for children's growth and development, but we know getting them excited about nutritious choices can be a challenge. At Kez’s Kitchen, we understand the importance of providing delicious and wholesome snacks that both kids and parents can approve of! So, here are five tips and tricks that will help encourage healthy snacking habits in your little ones. 


1. Make Snacking Fun

To promote healthy snacking, it's crucial to make it enjoyable for kids. Incorporate a variety of colours, flavours and textures to appeal to their senses. Our Mini Bites come in three yummy flavours and their perfectly portioned size makes them a fun lunchbox addition or snack time sensation.


2. Involve Kids in Meal Planning

Encourage children to participate in meal planning or preparing their lunchbox. Getting them involved in snack choices by taking them grocery shopping or allowing them to pick out their favourite fruit and veggies can help foster a sense of ownership and increases the likelihood of them trying new things and eating what they’ve chosen themselves.


3. Introduce New Things Gradually

Having a picky eater can mean they’re hesitant to try new things. It’s important not to overwhelm them. Start by incorporating small amounts of different flavours and textures along with a few familiar items. Remember - it may take time before the new food is accepted, so be patient and try to keep a poker face. Getting frustrated may create a negative association with the food and undo your good work.


4. Make Healthy Snacks Accessible

Ensure that healthy snacks are easily accessible. We know meal and snack preparation can feel like another chore for busy parents or carers - but having a variety of healthy snacks readily available and within reach for your kids can make a big difference.

Try preparing a colourful snack station or tupperware containers of chopped fruits, veggies, popcorn, nuts, yoghurt cups, seaweed snacks, or our Mini Bites range. When snacks are visually appealing and easy to grab, children are more likely to choose them. 

5. Be a Role Model

Last but not least, remember children are more likely to adopt healthy habits when they see their parents or caregivers practicing them too. Demonstrate your love for your own favourite healthy snacks and showcase how genuinely enjoyable they can be. Sharing snack time together can help make the experience fun and positively influence their snacking choices in the future.


At Kez’s Kitchen we believe in permissible indulgence and take pride in developing snacks that meet the needs of kids and parents alike. Our new Mini Bites range are the perfect example – with less than 2g of sugar, 3.5 Health Star Rating, gluten free goodness, and a lunchbox-friendly size, they’re ideal for busy families.


Promoting healthy snacking habits in children can be a rewarding journey, and by incorporating these five tips and tricks you can set the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits.