We all snack for difference reasons, some people snack to relieve hunger, others to relieve boredom, to find out more, we thought we’d take a closer look…


Why are we snacking?
Snacks are often reached for as a result of genuine, tummy-grumbling hunger. Maybe your last meal didn’t fill you up enough? Or that big walk you took this morning left you needing more energy and some extra fuel? Our energy requirements fluctuate every day and it’s good to listen to your body’s hunger cues.
Sometimes snacks are reached for out of boredom, habit, because we’re thirsty or we’re finding something right in front of us irresistible.

It’s good to know why you’re snacking. Are you hungry or is there something else your body needs, like rest or a big glass of water?

How can we snack better?
After figuring out why you’re reaching for that snack, think about how you can help yourself to make a better choice. Things like keeping fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains prepared and at eye level, or choosing high protein, quick snacks, like nuts, are obvious improvements.

When we say “better’ it can mean other things, like ensuring you enjoy your snack mindfully – away from screens and distractions. Putting your snack on a plate, preparing some herbal tea and sitting at the table is a great way to ensure you’re eating slowly and being fully present while enjoying your food.

The act of preparing a snack, such as pairing one of our Raspberry Cream Melting Moments with some fresh raspberries and some yoghurt on a plate, is another way to make a bit more of an event of your afternoon tea. It’s also easy to prepare a few of these in advance, like a mini snack ‘meal prep’, if you know you’ll be short on time during the day.

So, should I be snacking?
We believe snacking can be a great thing when done right. Not only can it satisfy hunger and prevent over eating at your next meal, but taking a moment to sit and enjoy something delicious and made with simple, honest ingredients like one of Kez’s biscuits with a hot cup of tea or coffee, is a great way to take a break from a busy day and steal a precious moment to yourself.