At Kez’s Kitchen, we believe food is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Going Dairy Free – whether due to lactose intolerance, milk allergy or proactive lifestyle choice – shouldn’t mean missing out on sharing delicious moments with family and friends. In fact, with our range of tantalising Dairy Free snacks, you can ditch the dairy and indulge your sweet tooth, too.


A Dairy Free diet also has a host of health benefits, from reduced bloating to enviably glowing skin. Here’s what you need to know about going Dairy Free.


Lactose intolerance

Did you know around 75% of the world’s population is intolerant to lactose? Lactose intolerance is a digestive issue, which can lead to not-so-sweet abdominal symptoms including bloating, cramps and bowel issues. People with lactose intolerance don’t produce the enzyme lactase – needed to digest lactose, the carbohydrate in milk. This undigested lactose passes through the stomach and small intestine to the colon, where it wreaks havoc on your digestive system.

Sound familiar? A simple lactose tolerance test (drinking a lactose-packed liquid then having your glucose levels measured two hours later) can confirm whether or not you’re lactose intolerant.

If you’re diagnosed with lactose intolerance, don’t despair! Kez’s Dairy Free snacks make it easier than ever to indulge in a guilt-free treat.


Milk allergy

Milk allergies effect the immune system by causing an immune reaction to one of the proteins in animal milk. Milk allergies are rarer (and often more serious) than lactose intolerance, affecting roughly 2% of infants and even fewer adults.

Symptoms of milk allergy range from gas, bowel issues and bloating (similar to lactose intolerance) to more serious reactions including rashes, facial swelling, wheezing, and even severe anaphylaxis. If your doctor suspects you’re suffering from a milk allergy, they’ll perform a skin prick test and likely a blood test.


The health benefits of a Dairy Free lifestyle

Of course, you don’t have to embrace a Dairy Free lifestyle for medical reasons. Dairy Free diets are gaining popularity globally for their suite of enticing health benefits. If you like the sound of easier digestion, a flatter stomach, clearer skin, reduced inflammation and even sustained weight loss, then you may want to experiment with cutting dairy out of your life.

At Kez’s Kitchen, we have a range of Dairy Free snacks that are better for you that the whole family will enjoy. From our iconic Gluten Free Lemon Cream Melting Moments to our ridiculously good Gluten Free Fudgy Chocolate Flourless Brownies, these scrumptious snacks will help you ditch the dairy – no sacrifice necessary!