By Kez's Kitchen

November 2, 2020

Are you a coffee lover who is keen to up their coffee game? Then we have some brilliant at home coffee brewing options for you to experiment with.

‘Pour Over’ or ‘Drip’ 

CoffeeOne of the oldest methods of brewing coffee is ‘pour over’ or ‘drip’ coffee. This method involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds which are nestled in a paper filter funnel.
The benefit of using pour-over is that you can taste the intricacies and nuances of the coffee. For best results, try to use single-origin coffee grounds.

French Press or Plunger

A popular and easy way to make a few cups of coffee at a time is the French Press, otherwise known as Plunger coffee.Add coarse coffee grounds to the bottom of the plunger, then pour in hot water.
Let coffee steep for a couple of minutes before pressing down the plunger strainer. This method is the easiest way to pour nice hot quality coffee for a group of friends and family.

Cafetiere or Percolator

The Cafetiere was first invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 and is still the most common way to make expresso coffee in Italian homes.

Percolator coffee is made on the stove by firstly adding cold water to the bottom half of the percolator by unscrewing the jug. Add medium coffee grounds to the funnel and screw jug back together. The Percolator jug is then put on the stove top to bubble away, once the top half of the jug is full of coffee, simply turn off heat and pour.

The Cafetiere is a lovely traditional way to make short and long cups of nice hot strong full-bodied coffee. Cafetiere jug sizes do vary from 2 cups up to 8-10 plus cups.

Pod and Cafe Machines

For those people who don’t really wake up until after their morning coffee, try out the myriad of automatic options that provide delicious cups of coffee quickly and easily.

If you prefer latte style coffee, definitely check out the café style coffee machines that include a milk warming/frothing option. These machines will require a medium to coarse ground coffee and will give you an espresso-style coffee.

Pod machines are also great for an easy, quick and nice tasting coffee. The benefit of a pod machine is that you can access many different types of coffee and the pods are widely available in local supermarkets.

Enjoy brewing your coffee at home and don't forget to pair your cup with a Kez's Kitchen snack!