Now that the stay at home life of the last two years is behind us, we’re back to last-minute snack packing before we head out the door.  Without the contents of our fridge and pantry at our disposal around the clock, we’ve been brainstorming nutritious snacks that don’t need to stay cold and won’t take up too much room in our bags.

Here are some of our ideas;

High Protein Snacks

Protein is a sure way to keep you satisfied for longer.  Hard boiled eggs, nuts and small tins of beans which are now available with flavours all make great high protein choices on the run.  Depending on your company for the day a tin of tuna might also be on the menu, but if you’re in an enclosed space we don’t want to be blamed for the smell! We also have some great options including our Choc Crunch Protein Fruit Bars.

Wholegrain Snacks

With protein, fibre and antioxidants, wholegrains are a great addition to any snack time.  Prepare ahead by cutting some wholegrain wraps into triangles, spraying with olive oil and tossing in salt, pepper and lemon juice before baking at a low heat until crispy for your own wholegrain chips.  Air-popped popcorn is also a fun and delicious way to add wholegrains to snack time, especially tossed with some nuts for extra protein.

Fruits or Vegetables

Carrot sticks are a firm favourite at Kez’s.  We like to pack a little honey as a dipping sauce for a sweet treat.  Cucumbers and tomatoes tossed in olive oil, salt and fresh basil is also a great summer afternoon snack.  Make it even better by packing some wholegrain bread to dip in the delicious juices.  No time for prep?  Bananas are the obvious choice and are only made better when dipped into a little pot of nut butter.

Better for you treats
Although we love nutritious sweets like dates filled with peanut butter or strawberry salads made with a little maple syrup and fresh mint, sometimes we just want that choc-chip bikkie with our afternoon coffee.  This is why we created our Better Bikkie Bakes Chocolate Chip which as a vegan, gluten-free snack with only 4g of sugar per serve and under 100 calories, we’re proud to recommend as a lighter alternative to that always tempting bakery down the road.

Happy snacking!