This time of year, we all seem to have scarves tucked into our work bags and are hitting snooze on our alarms when just a few months ago we were up and ready for our morning walk.  Winter has well and truly settled in and we’re feeling a little sluggish and tired. 

We’ve come to know this slump in mood as the Winter Blues.  If you’re experiencing the same, we’ve got you covered today with a few things to perk up these long cold days (if you think it may be something more, please chat to your doctor).

Firstly we like to do whatever we can to lift our mood.  A walk in the sunniest part of the day, even if it’s for 15 minutes, is always a winner.  Better still if it’s with a friend for a good chat.  Even better still if it’s to a café with a delicious lunch and a longer chat!  Movement and socialising are our number one way to lift our mood.  Even taking the dog for a walk and watching their excitement at being outdoors can be a big help.

Secondly, we love to find little moments in the day to indulge in ways that feel more special and comforting in Winter.  A big pot of soup with crusty buttered bread to end a long day is a favourite, followed by one of our flourless brownies popped in the microwave for 20 seconds and served with ice cream (yum!).  Porridge to start the day also feels extra-cozy on colder mornings, and who doesn’t love a big pot of curry or casserole made at the start of the week to enjoy as lunches? 

We also love changing up our surroundings.  If possible, a quick trip to the country in the Winter is always beautiful (or fly to take a break somewhere warmer!).  If that’s not an option, changing up our homes, such as fluffy warm throws on the bed, or rearranging the lounge room to take advantage of the Winter sun always makes us feel a little more comforted on those can’t-get-outdoors days.

We hope these few simple tips help perk up your Winter days just a little.

(It’s raining as we write this, and we hear those brownies and our office microwave calling…).