Love your Gluten Free Range. It is a treat just for me.

Judith, Facebook Review, March 2020

Thank you so very much for baking these wonderful and yummy Chewy Flourless treats. I love the peanut butter brownies and the other brownies as well. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are and to keep up the wonderful new products that help to keep us healthy and unprocessed goodies.

Lorraine, Email, March 2020

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Thank you for bringing us GF treats that are simply amazing. Lots of love from me, very happy customer, love all the products.

Norma, Facebook Review, July 2019

I just had 2 bags of Kez's Kitchen "SALTED CARAMEL BITE & WHITE CHOCOLATE" Baked Bikkie Bites and I’m telling you now these will probably be some of the best "Bikkies" you will ever have. They are absolutely delicious :). thank you and I hope you all have a beautiful 2020.

Shrakov, Facebook Review, February 2020

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Arrived today in perfect order thanks - appreciated the gingerbread man, cookie and bar sample! 

Mary, Online Customer, March 2020

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I have been going through this range for about 6 months, like freaking wow, so impressed with everything I have tried. So happy to find snacks that are healthy and not full of nasties. Still getting through the delish range. Great work!

Juanita, Facebook Review, February 2018

First tried them on a Qantas flight last week. Kids absolutely demolished the honey and choc chip bites and then hammered mine - crumbs and all. Noticed that they ae exclusive to Qantas but available online and have just purchased - would be awesome if they can be made available at the supermarket in future.

Darren, Facebook Review, January 2020

Well wholly s%#tballs, I just stumbled across these today at New World. The Vienna Eclairs are to die for, Gluten Free and FODMAP friendly also. I really hope they bring these to my local supermarket! Can't wait to try the other products in your range!

Jessica, Facebook Review, December 2019