Ways to support local business

It’s more important than ever for everybody to buy local products and services to support their local community.

Here is a quick list of ways you can spend your dollar thoughtfully and locally.

- Try and select products and services from locally owned businesses. If they don’t stock what you want, see if they can order it in.

- Many local businesses have adapted to the current restrictions by getting an online store together, or at least offering pick up and delivery options.

- Go direct where you can. Many apps offer supposed 'faster/easier' access to products and services. However, they often charge hefty commissions to that local business. Where you can, order directly with your local store, so that we can keep more business in the local community

- Share the love! Where you can share your positive experience about a local business on social pages, do it. Let your friends and family know where to purchase great pizza, the best cleaner and that excellent coffee to kickstart your day!

Hopefully, this list encourages you to spend your dollar a little differently to ensure our local communities can continue to supply us great products and services in the future.