Spring Veggie Patch Planting

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s a great time to get outside in your garden and reap some beautiful summer rewards.

Before planting, spruce up your soil by digging out any weeds and turning it over. It’s best to also add some slow-release organic fertiliser at this stage, water it in and finish off by dressing with some good quality mulch.

Next step is to get planting!

Spring is the perfect time to plant eggplant, tomato (don’t forget to stake tomatoes), sweet corn and capsicum for a delicious summer harvest. Why not plant some basil alongside your tomato plants as they were made to go together!

Zucchini, cucumber and melon are a great combination to plant in a garden bed together. You could add in some herbs like thyme, oregano and continental parsley. If you would like to grow mint, we recommend popping it into a nice sized pot, as it can quickly overrun your garden bed.

It’s also the perfect time to plant beetroot, lettuce and watermelon as the soil is starting to heat up, and they are all beautiful additions to a summer salad.

Why not get the whole family involved and enjoy your time in the garden together.