Spring cleaning series - The linen press

Inspired by Marie Kondo and making use of a rainy day indoors, we are starting our spring-cleaning series with the linen press. The Marie Kondo method would typically have you sorting clothes first, but we think an excellent way to warm up your purge skills and get your joy sparked is to start in the linen press.

First things first, grab a box or bag for donating, and one for rubbish or recycling.

Take everything out of the linen cupboard and pop it on the dining table. It’s a good chance to wipe down the cupboard.

Grab out any doona covers that do not get used anymore. Marie Kondo suggests considering if the item "sparks joy' and if it doesn't, say “thank you” to the item and then dump it in the donate box. If the linen is pilling or the colours or design are out of date, or you just no longer like them, it is better to discard and make room in the cupboard. If you are struggling to decide on whether your linen is worth keeping, we like to think about how it looks in a bedroom and whether it still has the same appeal as it did the day it was bought. If the answer is no, then let it go!

Make sure towels, flannels and pillowcases are still holding their shape and colour and are useful and if not donate them. Don't forget to keep an old towel for rags and an old flat sheet which is handy for throwing over things when painting or moving stuff.

If you have a variety of bed sizes in your house, get a system to 'mark' the size of the linen. For example, sew a small piece of red ribbon into the corner of queen sheets and doonas, and a blue ribbon in the doubles and yellow in to king sizes. You can also use a fabric marker or sew some coloured thread into the corner. This way, you will know what linen fits which bed and you don't need to wrangle several sets of sheets to work out what fits!

Sort the linen sets out. Fold and place a complete linen set into one pillowcase from that set, they are then easy to grab when you change linen.

Label your shelves. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of shelving for your linen closet, why not label the shelves. Face washers, towels, double bed sheets, double bed doonas can have a section on the shelf, making it easy for the family to know where to place clean laundry.

Finally, if you have small items like tea towels, face washers, hand towels or other little things like detergents, first aid kits etc, find some lovely baskets or containers to store them in, and don't forget a label, this will make them a whole lot easier to find when you need them.

Don't forget to reward your hard work with a cuppa and a Kez's Kitchen cookie or snack when you have finished!

Next job, the bathroom