Spring Cleaning Series - Your Wardrobe

Cleaning out your wardrobe is the last instalment in our Spring cleaning series.

We believe that a neat and organised wardrobe allows you to get off to an efficient and stress-free start to the day.

Here are a couple of great ideas to help you quickly get your wardrobe into shape for the change in season.

You know the drill by now, get a couple of boxes or bags together, one for donations, one for storage and one for throw away.

1. Given heavy winter jackets and jumpers won't be needed for another year, it's a good idea to store these away to make more room. At the same time grab all the 'out of season' clothing that is in good condition and place in your storage box. Given that the weather can sometimes be temperamental we recommend that you keep a few of your favourites from the cooler months close at hand.

2. Remove all clothes and accessories from your wardrobe and place them on your bed. A shelf at a time may be more manageable.

3. Next, fold or hang any clothes that fit you and that you love and know you have worn recently. If you need some folding inspiration, check-in here with Marie Kondo. Any classic items of clothing that you don't use a lot but need, keep in a suit bag in the wardrobe. Everything that doesn't get worn regularly, no longer fits or is just not on trend anymore, bid it farewell and place in the donate bag. Anything that is looking a little too tatty throw away.

If you have an issue with clothing that no longer fits, but you can't get rid of it, pop it in the storage bag as well. That way next season, if you unpack the storage bag and the garment still doesn't fit, you can donate it without feeling wasteful.

Once your wardrobe is decluttered, and everything is neat and tidy, add a small 'donate' basket for future clothing items that you can pop in there when you no longer love them.

And Voila' your spring wardrobe clean is done.