Shopping Aussie Made

There has never been a better time to discover and support Australian Made products. From a quality can of tomatoes for the pantry to a pair of new jeans, there is almost nothing that can’t be found here in Australia. Here is your guide to finding the best of the best from Oz.

When you do your next shop at the grocery and food stores,  pay special attention to the origin of products and fresh goods you buy. Most fresh produce stores, including supermarkets, fishmongers, butchers, fruit and vegetable shops and delis, are required to label the origin of the produce they are selling. For example, when buying prawns, if you cannot see the source of the prawns on the label in the fridge cabinet, be wary, always ask where they have come from. This also applies to all other fresh produce vendors who are obligated to label the food with the country of origin. There is also information on the labels when buying packaged items such as a can of peaches, so where possible always choose the option grown or produced nearest to where you live locally.

The other way to find Aussie made products is to look for the Australian Made logo made famous in the 1980’s. The ‘Australian Made’ organisation now also has a comprehensive website for finding products such as pillows, jeans and apparel, beauty products and even school and sports uniforms…for those looking to upgrade the local soccer club wear. The product search is easy to use and once you have found the product you require all you do is click on it and it takes you through to the company details.

When you choose products and fresh food made, grown, produced or caught in Australia you will not only be supporting Australian family business and employment opportunities. you are more likely to be eating produce that is fresher, in season and made to a higher quality standard.

So, go ahead and start reading the labels and consider creating an impact at home by buying Australian made.