Podcasts for the holiday season

Whether you are sitting by the pool or taking a road trip with the family, check out our top 5 podcast recommendations for a little break.

1. Mystery Show by Starlee Kine from Gimlet media
An adorable light hearted podcast about small but intriguing mysteries in life. Start at Case 3 "The Belt Buckle" and work your way through the lovely storytelling. These stories are family-friendly, listen on a walk or short car or train trip.

2. Shrink Next Door- Joe Nocera from Wondery
Wondery is the company behind the hugely successful podcast “Dirty John” (listen to that if you haven’t already) and Shrink Next Door has the makings of being another big hit. Narrated by Joe Nocera, this is a true story based around Joe's neighbour, a very successful psychiatrist who seems to have it all and then suddenly disappeared. Shrink Next Door is about trusting the wrong person, power and control. This podcast is 8 episodes plus some update episodes and great for a long car trip.

3. Unravel True Crime- Season 4 Snowball from ABC
New Zealand born journalist Ollie Ward takes us through a sometimes funny, mostly sad story of deceit that his family endured at the hands of his sister in law. One can’t help but wonder what your own family may do in this situation, and it’s heart-warming to listen to Ollie’s family tell the story from their own different perspectives and be so very united through this whole debacle.

4. Slow Burn- Season 2 Clinton Impeachment By Slate
Slow Burn is a deep dive into US political scandals of the past. Season one is about Watergate and season 2 the Clinton Impeachment. The Monica Lewinsky story looms large in US political recent history, and Slow Burn delivers you the details and perspectives that you may not have otherwise known. It’s fascinating listening, probably not for the family though.

5. Radiolab – Dolly Parton’s America By
Listen to Dolly Parton school host Jad Abumad in how to tell a story and answer a question directly from the heart. Radiolab is a fabulous podcast series to listen to anytime you like, however the Dolly Parton one is something special. Welcome to Dollyverse!