Show Mum how much you love her

Our favourite ways to show your Mum how much you love her if you can't visit.

Create either a home-made card or an album (think scrapbook) with a collation of notes, photos and memories.

Send a video message. You can either write down a small script (think of a theme like – 10 things I love about you, or the best moments you’ve shared with her) and record it on your phone and send via text, WhatsApp or Messenger. Or you can have a go at editing something more comprehensive with the iMovie app on your Mac or Windows Movie Maker on your PC. These apps are fairly straightforward to use, if you need help, there are plenty of youtube tutorials to help you get the best results. 

If you are feeling creative, you could write a poem or song for your Mum. Either frame the printed piece for her to keep or record it on your phone for the best virtual hug result.

Word up the family and have a zoom party. Not just any zoom party, make your Mum the Star of the show and have everyone share a story, memory or perhaps a funny moment that you have had with your Mum.

Whatever you do, show her you care and are thinking about her.