Mother's Day gifts from the heart

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and spoil your Mum or a significant woman in your life. A handmade gift is always appreciated, so why not create a meaningful, as well as a practical gift to recognise your Mum on this special day. Check out our top three ideas for a 'do it yourself' Mother’s Day gift that will show your mum that you have put some thought and love into creating something unique for her.

Pressed Botanicals

Pick some of her favourite flowers and lovely leaves to create an original art piece. We love this idea because if you can find the right frame, you can set it on a desk, in front of a window or on a wall for a different look and feel.

Start by finding and pressing some flowers and leaves in a heavy book between non-stick baking paper.

Once pressed nicely, all you need to do is display the flowers on top of a glass pane in your desired pattern. Then lay another glass pane (from the frame) on top and sandwich together.

If you find the glass slides, you can add a tiny bit of friction tape to secure the panes together.

Turn to Nature

Gather plant cuttings or buy young plants from the nursery and create some gorgeous pot plants or hanging baskets. Plants are a magnificent gift, that if correctly chosen can provide years of pleasure.

Search out old watering cans, pots, or perhaps one of your mums old unused favourite cups or other interesting vessels from thrift stores and plant them up with a selection of plants and flowers that will add colour and warmth to your Mother’s home.

Curated Photo Album

Getting digital photos printed is super cheap and easy, so why not gather the ‘Best of 2019’ or ‘Most Memorable Life Moments’ pictures over the years and curate an album especially for your Mum.

Add a touch of personalisation by adding handwritten cards to the collection with quotes, memories or anecdotes related to the photos.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that it’s the moments you share with your mum that count the most.