Moments of bliss

Work, dinner, sleep repeat. Day to day routine and the hustle and bustle of regular life can be so well…boring. So, to shake things up a little, this month’s blog is dedicated to removing ‘boring’ and replacing it with ‘bliss’.

To get organised for your me moments, schedule in some time each week to dedicate only to yourself. This can change weekly but committing to giving this time to yourself is crucial. This time should be spent doing something you absolutely love, or something that you know will help you recharge and relax. If you are struggling for ideas, we have lined up three of our favourite me time moments to give you some instant inspiration.

Solo date- Whether it’s a café, restaurant or cute bar. Pick a place that you have always wanted to go and do it. If you feel a little awkward about sitting solo, try sitting at the bar so you can make small talk with the staff or take a little journal and sit in the corner to enjoy a meal and write some personal reflections.

Sunset or Sunrise, the simplest and cheapest way to enjoy some me time is in a park, beach or even in the bush. Being close to nature awakens our senses and allows us time and space to be in the moment. Sunset and sunrise are beautiful times to be outside enjoying some me time.

Take some me time to plan a holiday. Use your me time to do some reading and research about potential destinations, then enjoy clicking on the book now button. Doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend of free camping or a cheeky overseas trip, planning a holiday can be very exciting and can give you plenty to daydream about.

Whatever your idea of bliss is-schedule it in and make it happen!

From the Kez's Kitchen family

Image credit: Ben Loader