"Me" Time

As primary carers, sometimes we can get caught up in caring for everybody else. Make 2019 the time you reclaim your ‘me time’. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about activities you can turn your mind to.

There are so many great active things you can do to enhance health and wellbeing. You can try (or get back to) dance classes, golf, rowing, yoga and pilates. Or, if you’re up for a more significant challenge, you can do a big walk or run event with a team of friends. Don’t forget to organise your training schedule!

We know that we feel good about ourselves when we’re doing good for others. This sentiment is backed up by the OECD Better Life Index, which says volunteers tend to be more satisfied with their lives because they’re interacting with other people, setting and achieving goals, and learning new things.
If you’ve got the feeling you have more to give, then check out the many charities around that are screaming out for volunteers. Tap into what charities mean the most to you or find a charity that links to your values. For example, if you are a family person, perhaps you would like to help a charity that aligns with helping families or children.
Sign up to donate your professional skills or try out something new by helping out at a homeless kitchen, conservation foundation or the myriad of charities around raising money for cancer or disease research. 

Connect to nature through gardening by creating your own fruit and veggie patch or turn your hand to potting some beautiful indoor and outdoor plants. Gardening not only provides the benefit of fresh fruit veg and plants, it is also known to reduce stress and help calm the mind.
If you're new to gardening, consider joining a community garden so that others around you can help teach you the ropes.