Let's talk sugar

Our new Gluten Free Flourless Brownies have no refined sugar (and are simply delicious) so let’s have a look at refined sugar versus natural sugar and what this means?

Refined sugars come from beet or cane and are processed and depleted of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals leaving little nutritional value for the body. When we eat refined sugars, we are delivering a shorter and less stable ‘power’ source to the body, and we get surges and falls. Refined sugar is not easily digested by the body, and excess consumption can negatively impact your weight, liver, heart and of course your teeth. 

Natural sugars are found in whole foods such as fruits, veggies and honey. They don’t have essential vitamins and minerals stripped from them. They are a ‘simple’ sugar of which the body can breakdown more easily.  Natural sugar also provides a steady, slow release energy source, giving us an excellent power source throughout the day.

Sugars found in whole foods such as fruit and veggies have many benefits for the body and can be eaten without any need for moderation because they are delivering overall health benefits to our bodies.

When we eat anything that’s packaged that contains added sugar, where possible look for natural sugars or unrefined sugars, such as rice malt syrup, stevia and honey. These natural sugar options are healthier as they haven’t had all of the health benefits removed and are a great way to indulge in a sweet treat.

Look out for our new Chewy Flourless Fudgy Chocolate Brownies available at Woolworths in the Health Food aisle and enjoy a guilt-free indulgent snack.