Food Trends

Veganism and plant-based protein are still at the top of the food trends list. Since 2015 and the rise of ‘superfoods’ the world has been seriously considering the environmental and health benefits of veganism.

Once seen as purely a choice made by folks in the animal liberation movement, the vegan trend is still a top trend. Along with continuing research on the environmental benefits of reducing meat intake. The release of ‘Game Changers’ the revolutionary new documentary about meat, strength and protein has also got many questioning traditional notions about eating meat and its nutritional value for athletes and regular health-conscious people.

Snacking 'occasions' is also a quickly emerging trend. According to recent research, super busy millennials are focused on snacking, and baby boomers are taking charge of their health with wise snack choices. The one thing that remains true across the occasion snacking trend is that the snacks are healthy, plant-based and delicious.

Here at Kez’s we cater to these emerging trends, our Gluten Free and Naked Cold Pressed Snack Bars are vegan and crafted from all natural, better for you ingredients, while our Flourless Brownies made from dates, coconut, cashews, cocoa and no refined sugar are a guilt free decadently delicious vegan snack.