Keeping your mind and body healthy

Schedule some ‘me time’ to keep your mind and body healthy.

If there is ever a time to pay close attention to improving your mental and physical health, it’s right now. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

The first step to taking care of yourself is quite simple, schedule your health. Draw up a schedule of your weeks 'must-do' activities such as work and any other commitments like school drop off/pick up etc. Then look at where you can insert some 'me time'. For example, 15 minutes of Yoga at lunchtime on Monday and Wednesday or choir practice on Saturday. Schedule short but frequent periods to start with and build on that.

Your schedule should include some exercise and things that bring you joy or give you a break from work, housework, screens and other obligations.

Here are some free things you can add to your weekly routine that are good for the mind, body and soul!

Get out into the fresh air and exercise, whether it’s walking, signing up for a boot camp (if you are not under restrictions) or jumping on a bike and going for a ride with the kids. Whatever you do, include some outdoor exercise into as many days as you can, exercise can improve mood, sleep and physical health….as well as being fun! Or Channel your inner yogi and get onboard Yoga with Adriene. For an easy way to start go to her 30-day Challenge and feel the all-round mental and physical benefits.

The health benefits of singing are well documented, so why not join a choir? Search for your local choir groups or if you are experiencing COVID 19 restrictions you can sign up online, check out the  Couch Choir.

Reading can have the same impact on our brain as meditation, so pick up a good book and find a nice nook. Check out some great books from Oprah's 2020 list here.

Good luck with including your new healthy 'me time' routine in your schedule and enjoy!