Holiday Craft Ideas

To combat the “I’m bored" these holidays, get yourself organised and get some craft projects arranged for you and your children. Craft is a great activity to do with your family as it firstly gets everybody off a screen, and secondly, it exercises the parts of our mind that sometimes needs a little wake up during the long holiday. Here are some craft ideas as your first line of defence in the battle against boredom.

Making mini terrariums, little fairy gardens or even plant jars are great to spark a kid’s imagination as well as introduce them to the joys of gardening.
1. Upcycle a large jar from home or source one from a local op shop. Add soil to the base, and you’re set to start the creative design.
2. Head to your local nursery or check in with friends to collect some garden clippings from the easy to grow succulent family.
3. Don’t forget you can add shells, rocks, dinosaurs or other small objects to create a mini landscape or if you have a teen in the family they may want to do a cool desk feature like a decorative terrarium.

Popsicles are a staple during summer and making them is both fun and healthy for the whole family. There are so many great icy-pole moulds available on the market these days. Everything from silicon moulds, ‘Zoku’ a round easy to use mould and ‘Zipsicle’ reusable flexible plastic tubes. All of these and more are available at your local homeware or department store.
Once you have your moulds combine your favourite fruits in the blender. Adding different fruit juices is also a great idea. Pour into the mould and freeze overnight. If you are looking for a creamier alternative, add yoghurt or unsweetened coconut milk to blended fruit, like berries, mango or bananas which work well with yoghurt. Or you can stick more to the water-based watermelons, pineapple and mango for delicious juice- based popsicles.
Don’t be afraid to get the family creating new flavour combos, after all, being a little creative is what it’s all about!

Create a memory of your holiday together with a wind chime or mobile. Get out into nature and collect some sticks, shells or interesting seed pods. You can also utilise beads, buttons, fabric, rocks, feathers and bells to string/wire and hang off a nice stick.
Using twine or coloured string, attach the different materials to your feature stick and hang in your room, or if you're using natural materials, you can also use it as an outdoor feature.

Image credit: Goran Ivos