Grateful and gluten-free

When I first got diagnosed with Coeliac disease I had to flex my gratefulness muscle. It was early in the 2000’s and I hadn’t even heard of Coeliac, let alone been able to spell it. The gluten-free landscape looked bleak, people treated me as if I was being a fussy eater, it was difficult to enjoy foods that I used to love and I often missed out when I went to parties and restaurants. Without gratefulness, it was going to be a bland road ahead.

‘Be grateful’ I said to myself, now you know you can change your diet and avoid lots of nasty health issues. ‘Be grateful’ I said to myself, you still have lots of food choices, unlike those less fortunate. ‘Be grateful’ I said to myself, you’ll actually feel a lot better than you used too, who knew feeling so tired all day wasn’t normal!

So many people are getting diagnosed with Coeliac, some people are choosing a gluten-free lifestyle, some are just plain intolerant. Fast forward to today and now I’m grateful that so much has changed for the better. All of us gluten-free folks have opened up a fabulous market for delicious gluten-free products and resources that make living gluten-free a whole lot easier. Things like, the Coeliac Australia app for ($9.99 in the app store), it’s a quick and easy way to make decisions on what I can and can’t eat. And then there are plenty of products that are proud to call out their gluten’ freeness’, brands that have committed to creating gluten-free products that the whole family can enjoy without compromising on quality or taste.

I’m still grateful for the same things as I was back then. I’m especially grateful for being able to enjoy a beautiful meal with family and friends. A meal where nobody misses out, and for that, we should all be grateful.

Special Note - Celebrate Coeliac Awareness Week (13-20 March) in your house by serving one of my favourite indulgences, Kez’s Kitchen’s Vienna Eclairs, they are a lovely special occasion biscuit that everyone in my home enjoys!