Feel Good Food

We have known for a long time that the links between food and health stretch way beyond the waistline. Diet can impact the way we feel, not just on an anecdotal level but also on a chemical one. Let’s look at some foods that taste great, naturally boost your mood and help you feel good.

Top of the feel-good charts is fatty fish such as salmon, trout or herring. Loaded with vitamin B 12, omega-3 fatty acids, including easily absorbed ones like EPA and DHA you’ll feel swimmingly good.

Salmon is the most popular of the fatty fish group because it’s easy to find and prepare. Choose wild caught Salmon for best concentrations of vitamins and Omega 3’s and for best results don’t overcook, keeping salmon moist and tender will help deliver its feel-good benefits.

Research links between positive gut health and mental health are increasing in quality and quantity. This research is mainly focussed on the relationship between the body's serotonin receptors which are in the gut and the transmitters (one of the feel-good transmitters) in the brain.

That said, yoghurt is the best food to eat as it delivers several positive benefits to the gut. With calcium and good bacteria working together 1 cup of yoghurt can contain 45% of your daily calcium needs and enough good bacteria to have your gut smiling.

Up the feel-good yoghurt factor and purchase products with ‘active cultures’ and no or low sugar. Serve with blueberries which are packed with antioxidants and walnuts which contain those fabulous brain champions omega 3’s.

It makes sense that we follow a healthy and balanced diet for overall wellbeing. But including foods such as salmon and yoghurt can support brain health and have help you feel good.

Image credit: Josh Bean