Entertaining Made Easy

In our kitchen, the more the merrier - and this is never more true than during the Holidays. We love all the opportunities this time of year offers to share a snack or meal with friends and family. But, what we don't love so much is being caught out with unexpected visitors! Here's a few of our handy hints to make entertaining easy, even when it's on the fly:

Stock up on a few extra emergency plates and glasses, and keep them in the cupboard to call on when needed.
There's nothing worse than having to stop your dishwasher mid-cycle in a mad scramble to find a plate! We love using a range of compostable, biodegradable dinnerware - all the convenience without the harm to our planet.

Keep a selection of easy, non-alcoholic drinks on hand.
This time of year, we usually never find ourselves short of a glass of wine to offer guests. But, it's important to make sure you've got something to offer those friends who don't fancy alcohol, or who have little ones in tow. Keep a selection of herbal teas, a carton of juice and maybe a few bottles of sparkling water in your pantry and you'll be sure to always have something to offer your guests.

Have a few easy food options ready to roll. Here's some of our family's favourites:

Fancy popcorn
Corn kernels keep basically forever in the pantry, so we like to always keep them on hand. The trick to making this snack a little less ordinary is to season it with something special. One of our favourite flavourings, especially for the warmer seasons, is lime and coriander popcorn.

Do not sell them short! Sandwiches are easy, delicious and versatile. All you need is a few options for fillings and a couple of bread variations (don't forget gluten-free) and you'll be handing round plates of mini triangles in no time! During the Holiday season our fridge is usually bursting at the seams with leftovers, and those cold meats, salads and cheeses are the perfect sandwich filling!

Home baked cookies and cakes
Sweet treats never fail to impress. If you don' have time to make your own, never fear - we've got you covered with our Mini Melting Moments and Gluten Free Almond Florentines.