Christmas House Decorations

It’s time to find your festive spirit and start thinking about decorating your house. We’re all about making it easy and fun so get the kids on board and go for it!

A good place to start is to pick your colour theme. Whether it's candy-coloured, or a more traditional silver and white or gold and red, or even your kids’ favourite colours, whatever you choose it will be perfect for you and your family. You can also consider including 'natural' elements with one or two colours. Using natural materials will reduce 'packaging' waste and will make decorating more fun, cost effective and better for our planet.

Now that your colour theme has been decided, start with your front door. The first creation should be your wreath. It welcomes everyone to your home and let’s them know that you are in the festive spirit. You can use an old metal clothes hanger to create a circle shape and simply build upon that. Start with greenery, you can use olive branches, native gums or eucalyptus and tie it around the metal coat hanger with natural twine. The kids can also look for gum nuts and other twigs, shells, pine cones or flowers to attach. They can also cut out bauble shapes in your chosen colour theme and attach for a little colour.  If you would like to use something a little fancier than a coat hanger, check out these wreath frames from Spotlight ranging from $15-$25.

Another idea for your Christmas décor this year is to get the kids hunting for lovely shaped branches and sticks (on the ground). Arrange the twigs and branches in large glass jars and decorate them by hanging Christmas ornaments and ribbon in your colour theme or paint some gum nuts for an extra 'Australiana' feel.

Whatever you do, keep it simple, keep the colour palette consistent and don't make it perfect, make it fun.