Handy hints to keep the kids busy over the holidays

Having the kids home from school for all the exciting pre-Christmas activities is so much fun. But, once the party is over and those decorations get packed away for another year, it can feel like a pretty long time before the kids are back to school! Keeping little ones occupied and out of trouble for weeks on end can be tricky - especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on holiday programs. Here’s a few of our favourite ways to keep your kids entertained over the holidays that won’t break the bank:

Little growers
Little ones love getting their hands dirty, and gardening is a fun and education activity the whole family will love! Start with easy herbs like parsley or mint, or the old favourite: sunflowers. Sunflowers are so easy to grow and will start sprouting within a week, so your kids won’t have to wait long to see a reward for their efforts. For preschoolers, give them their own watering can and set a morning routine of watering the gardens. Those a little older can take responsibility caring for their own patch. Use a piece of string to section off their own little patch in the garden, or give them a couple of planter boxes, and let’s get those little green thumbs growing!

Indoor fun
As much as we love the great outdoors, some days you can’t avoid being stuck inside - especially in our temperamental summer weather! If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids from going cabin crazy, all you need is an iPad or tablet and you’ve got a world of absorbing, fun education at your fingertips. One of our favourite apps is Nightzookeeper - a beautiful drawing app where kids are encouraged by a daily prompt to draw magical animals to add to their zoo. They can play with their animals and older kids are encouraged to write stories about them.

Backyard camping
An old classic that never goes out of style! This is the perfect time of year to set up a backyard camp. Set your tent up as the ideal playhouse during the day, and older kids can even sleep out (if they’re feeling brave enough!) Camping comes with so many fun activities - scavenger hunts, nature crafts, scary-ish stories, torch shadow puppets, so get creative! And, of course, one of the best thing about camping is the food - think jaffles, snags in bread, toasted marshmallows and instant noodles. Or, for a special treat, try these camp doughnuts.